Friday, February 4, 2011

Reform Legislation Clears First Hurdle

Thursday the Senate Finance Committee voted unanimously to further Senator Mike Kopp’s “Blueprint for a Leaner Government,” a bill designed to identify redundancies, abuse, fraud and cost savings through a legislative task force.

“I am glad my colleagues agreed that now is the time to enact sweeping reforms in the state bureaucracy,” said Kopp. “It is time government joins the struggling businesses and families across Colorado in identifying cost savings and redundancies.”

Through this legislation, the legislative task force will report to the legislative audit committee which will then make recommendations to the General Assembly.

“It’s not enough to talk about enacting reform policies, we must have a mechanism in place to remove redundancies, waste, fraud and abuse. This legislation creates that framework,” concluded Kopp.

The “Blueprint for a Leaner Government” was a cornerstone of the Senate Republicans 2011 Legislative Agenda. The bill now moves to Legislative Council.

Via – ColoradoSenateNews

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