Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ryan Call running for Colorado GOP chairman

Former Denver GOP chairman Ryan Call, announced today that he is in the race for state Republican Party Chairman.

In a letter to members of the Republican State Central Committee, Ryan said:

As you have likely heard, Dick Wadhams has recently decided not to seek re-election as Chairman of the Colorado Republican Party. I have great respect and admiration for Chairman Wadhams, and am grateful for all his hard work over the past few years on behalf of our Republican Party.

I have seen up close what a tough job it is to lead our Party. Colorado Republicans need someone at the helm who has a clear vision of what the Party is and what it can effectively accomplish, and someone prepared to demonstrate clear and principled leadership, build consensus, and mobilize the coalitions necessary to win elections and support principled public policy to the benefit of all of Colorado’s citizens.

Perhaps most importantly, our next State Chairman will need to provide real help and support to our county party committees and work closely with our legislative leaders and Republican candidates in accomplishing the goal of winning and increasing majorities in the State Senate and the State House of Representatives, and winning nine electoral votes for the Republican candidate for President in 2012.

For the past five years, I have been honored to serve as the State Party’s legal counsel. I have assisted our state and local Party leaders, candidates, and individual activists navigate the increasingly complicated campaign finance regime and the election laws and rules that govern campaign committees and political party organizations. I have helped run numerous conference calls, webinars, and training meetings, and have fielded countless telephone calls and questions from the members of our Committee.

I have traveled around the state to speak to local Republican groups, to assist with meetings and assemblies, to provide assistance in running vacancy committee proceedings, and have done my best to help our Party leaders and candidates anticipate and head potential problems off at the pass, or to help those leaders and candidates fix problems them if they ever get into any trouble.

I have always worked hard to help our Party leaders accomplish their objectives in a way that is honest, open, and guided what is in the best interests of the Republican Party.

My heart is and has always been with the grassroots of our movement. My start in politics was as a campus leader of the College Republicans at the University of Colorado at Boulder. I was the State Chairman of Colorado Youth for Bush in the 2000 election, served for two years as the State Chairman of the Colorado College Republicans, and then was elected and served for two years as the National Co-Chairman of the College Republican National Committee. Providing training, support, and communicating enthusiasm for a cause bigger than oneself has been at the heart of my service to the Republican Party over the past many years.

I believe that the strength of our Party is found in our local county party organizations. I have served my own local county party in real and meaningful ways over the past number of years – as a precinct committeeperson, for four years as County Party Vice-Chairman, and for the past two years as Chairman of the Denver Republican Party. It’s no small challenge to be a principled Republican in Denver, but that experience has taught me that while we may not always agree on everything, politics is a team sport. I am most proud that for the first time in over a decade, the Denver Republican Party was able to recruit and provide meaningful support to candidates running in every single district in Denver. We worked to win votes for local and statewide candidates in every single neighborhood, made our political opponents spend time and resources on races they thought they would otherwise win in a walk, and gave every citizen of Denver a clear choice between the Republican candidate and our political opposition. The people that deserve the most credit, of course, are our Republican candidates and their families, who each made tremendous personal sacrifices to carry our Party’s banner. Each of our Republican candidates, whether they won or lost, deserves our respect, and our utmost thanks.

One of the strengths of our Party is that we are all a group of principled and independent-minded individuals. That sometimes makes it a challenge to build consensus and agreement, but I believe we need a broad and welcoming Party in order to win elections and govern effectively – the stakes are just too high for us to be divided.

Although there is room within our Party for certain disagreements on specific matters of legislative policy, we share certain common values about what is right and wrong, and a commitment to those core Republican principles of limited government, personal responsibility, and freedom and opportunity that unite us as Colorado Republicans.

I bring a unique skill set, commitment, and ability to do the job, and I would be honored and grateful to earn your support and the votes of the entire delegation from your county.

I will be calling you shortly to talk personally about the direction and future of our Party, but I wanted to let you know that I am ready to serve you as your next State Chairman.

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  1. Jeff Krump, Denver County RepublicansFebruary 8, 2011 at 8:41 PM

    Ryan, you will make an awesome State Party Chair. I look forward to working with you and supporting you in any way I can.