Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Senate Judiciary Committee OK’s workplace discrimination & marketplace fraud bills

Monday, two bills aimed at protecting the rights of Colorado’s workers and consumers passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The bills were sponsored by Senator Morgan Carroll (D-Aurora). Both bills passed on a 5-4 party line vote with Democrats driving the bill’s passage. Senate Bill 68 increases consumer protections against unfair and deceptive trade practices. Senate Bill 72 closes a loophole in federal civil rights law to expand protections against discrimination for employees at workplaces of 15 people or less.

Senate Bill 68 amends the Colorado Consumer Protection Act by clarifying the illegality of deceptive, unfair practices under state law and removes what Carroll says is a prohibitive provision that has been imposed by the courts.

Senate Bill 72 would allow an employee who prevails in a lawsuit to receive compensation in addition to wages and economic losses in cases where their employer has 15 employees or less. Current law only allows the added compensation for larger employers.

Both of Sen. Carroll’s bills now go on to the full Senate.

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  1. Its shocking that Colorado does not have legislation that allows a victim of intentional discrimination to receive full compensation!