Tuesday, February 1, 2011

State Senate Republicans Applaud Fed. Court Ruling

Monday U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson became the second federal judge to rule ObamaCare as unconstitutional. Citing the “individual mandate [as] unconstitutional and not severable,” Vinson ruled “the entire act must be declared void.”

Ranking Republican on the Senate Health & Human Services Committee, Shawn Mitchell said, “The simple point of the ruling is that Congress has a limited power to regulate interstate commerce, not an unlimited power to make Americans buy whatever Congress says. Judge Vinson's ruling blocks an overreaching federal takeover of healthcare. But even more importantly, it upholds the vital principle that our national government has limited, specified powers. The rest is up to states and the choices of free citizens.”

Veteran Republican lawmaker Senator Kevin Lundberg stated, “Congress exceeded their authority when they passed Obamacare. Judge Vinson has courageously declared this plain fact in Federal judicial opinion. I applaud his determination to follow the Constitution and defend the people's right to make their own economic and medical decisions.”

Via – ColoradoSenateNews

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