Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tipton Proud of Katie’s Law Results in Colorado

In light of Wednesday’s announcement by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation heralding the success of Katie’s Law in Colorado, Congressman Scott Tipton announced that he will be an original co-sponsor of legislation on a federal level to incentivize other states adopt the law. Rep. Tipton spearheaded the effort to pass Katie’s Law in the Colorado state House in 2009, and it was enacted four months ago.

“I’m excited to see the results announced today by the Colorado Department of Investigation. Katie’s Law was an important accomplishment for me in the Colorado House and I’m proud of the work we were able to do to get it passed,” Tipton said. “I hope to further strengthen the impact of Katie’s Law by bringing it to a national scale and encouraging additional states to participate.”

Today, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation announced that nine older sex assault cases, three criminal mischief cases, and 28 property crimes (including arson, burglary, robbery and theft) were identified in the past four months because of Katie’s Law.

The Federal version of Katie’s Law will likely be introduced in the U.S. House next week.

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