Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Colorado Political News Brief – 3.29.2011

DeGette still has her doubts about Libya
Colorado’s senior member of Congress, Democrat Diana DeGette, expressed her doubts tonight after President Barack Obama delivered a national speech making his case for U.S. military action in Libya over the last nine days….. Read More

It’s deadline time for the DPS board president recall
Supporters of the effort to recall Denver Public Schools board president Nate Easley have until todayat 5 p.m. to turn in 5,363 valid signatures from voters in Easley's district of northeast Denver in order to put the recall question on an upcoming ballot….. Read More

Tancredo not a big party guy anymore
Tom Tancredo is busy these days. He just wrote the April Fools' edition of Ask a Mexican. He has a real new job, as a marketing exec with a local investment company, so that others won't lose their nest eggs to a Bernie Madoff character, as he did. He's repairing the damage done by an e-mail hacker (who had Tancredo and his wife held hostage in Wales). But even if Tancredo weren't so busy, he wouldn't have gone to the State Republican Party Convention this past weekend….. Read More

Mandatory furlough day renamed Cesar Chavez holiday
Most City and County of Denver offices will close Monday and Friday, March 28 and April 1, in observance of the Cesar Chavez holiday and for a previously announced, budget-required furlough day for City employees, respectively….. Read More

State Sen. Schwartz’s hubby to focus on government relations
Sen. Gail Schwartz’s husband Alan Schwartz, will be joining the Denver law firm Sherman & Howard. He will focus his practice on government relations, environmental, energy and land use….. Read More

Brewers pressured Hickenlooper to change regulation
Documents show that even on the night of Hickenlooper's inaugural party, Colorado brewers pressed the Governor . John Hickenlooper to change a regulation they feared could hurt small breweries….. Read More

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