Friday, March 4, 2011

Colorado Political News Brief – 3.4.2011

Scott Gessler gets to keep the money
Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler will get to keep $4 million in business fees this year, while the state’s tourism marketing budget and a fund for bioscience grants will both have to give up a little bit to balance this year’s budget, the House of Representatives determined Thursday….. Read More

Linkhart gets “Teapot Party” endorsement
Councilman Doug Linkhart, who has been very sympathetic in his votes for the city’s medical marijuana industry, got a full endorsement from the pro-marijuana Willie Nelson Teapot Party….. Read More

Springs Council candidate claims ‘military experience’ via marriage
Colorado Springs City Council candidate Dawn Lloyd claimed in an online voter guide that she has military experience because her husband – who is actually her ex-husband – was in the military….. Read More

State-chartered agencies whining & moaning
Several Colorado lawmakers are scratching their heads after state-chartered agencies complained they can't live on proposed new restrictions on travel that are twice the limits allowed by the IRS….. Read More

Larimer County GOP faces record campaign finance fines
The Larimer County Republican Party failed to file any of its required campaign finance disclosures in 2010, putting it at risk of the biggest campaign fine in Colorado history and leading to the resignation of Chairman Larry Carillo….. Read More

Denver Managers of Safety keep quitting
Denver's Manager of Public Safety, Mary Malatesta, who was appointed last September after her controversial predecessor stepped down, is also quitting the position,…. Read More

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