Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Congressman Tipton: “Tapping domestic oil reserves is not enough”

Monday Congressman Scott Tipton (CD3) stated that the announcement that the White House is considering tapping domestic oil reserves is not enough, as oil and gas prices continue to spike due to international instability and the Obama Administration’s no-across-the-board domestic energy policy.

“Since day one, this administration has actively blocked American energy production with an anti-jobs agenda of energy tax increases and overregulation,” Tipton said. “There are proactive steps that could have been taken to prevent our current situation, including increasing our onshore and offshore production.”

Tipton advocates for a comprehensive energy solution that would prevent volatile price shifts and mitigate the effects of international instability.

“There are many responsible ways to stabilize American energy,” Tipton said. “In addition to exploring new technologies, we must end the de facto drilling moratorium on the Gulf of Mexico, rein in the EPA, and repeal the onerous regulations that have stifled oil and natural gas production. Our position must be yes-to-all.”

Colorado is part of the Western U.S. region that is estimated by the USGS to hold as many as 1.5 trillion barrels of oil—six times that of Saudi Arabia, and enough to supply the U.S. for 200 years. Since 2005, BLM oil and gas leasing has decreased by 67% in the Rocky Mountain region.

“Abandoned oil rigs on the Western Slope, foreclosed homes in Grand Junction, and vacant offices in Denver—are all remnants of a once booming industry silenced by former Colorado Governor Bill Ritter and President Obama,” Tipton said. “We have a tremendous untapped energy potential and I encourage this Administration to do more than stand in the way.”

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