Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lamborn reacts to the resignation of NPR's Vivian Schiller

Congressman Doug Lamborn, (R-CD5), who has lead the effort in the House to eliminate federal funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, NPR's parent organization, made the following statement on Wednesday:

"This latest development in what appears to be an internal meltdown at National Public Radio only strengthens my resolve to eliminate all federal funding for NPR and its parent organization, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

“I have been seeking to push Big Bird out of the nest for over a year, based on the simple fact that we can no longer afford to spend taxpayer dollars on non-essential government programs. It’s time for Big Bird to earn his wings and learn to fly on his own.”– Doug Lamborn (CO-05)

Congressman Lamborn is currently sponsoring H.R. 68, a bill aimed at eliminating all federal funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting beginning in 2013, and H.R. 69, a bill more narrowly aimed at restricting federal funds for National Public Radio.

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