Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Legislation addressing health care for small businesses signed into law

Tuesday Governor John Hickenlooper signed Senator Keith King’s bill created to offer health insurance choices to small businesses.

“This is a consumer-driven, free-market approach to offering health insurance to those who previously could not afford it,” said Senator King. “Sixty percent of people without health insurance currently work for a small business. Senate Bill 19 addresses this problem.”

Under Colorado law, small employers (50 employees or less) are prohibited from paying or reimbursing employees for the costs of health insurance premiums unless the small employer offers a small group health insurance plan. Senator King’s bill changes this statute.

“Senate Bill 19 is one of the most significant pieces of legislation addressing health care for employers of 50 or less in Colorado. No longer will these businesses be banned from contributing to their employees’ health insurance premiums,” concluded King.

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