Friday, March 25, 2011

Webb Endorses Hancock for Mayor

Former three term Denver Mayor Wellington Webb and his wife, former state Rep. Wilma Webb, announced their endorsement today of Michael Hancock for Mayor in the upcoming 2011 municipal election.

Mayor Webb said his decision to endorse Michael was not made lightly because of his close personal and working relationships with many of the candidates running for mayor.

"These are tough economic times that will require difficult decisions and hard choices," Mayor Webb said. "Moving Denver forward together will require a strong leader with a clear vision. Michael is a natural leader who will unite Denver and make our great city even greater. He will bring people together, inspiring us to envision a better future and giving every Denver resident a reason to fight for our city.”

"Today is a very special day for me,” Hancock said. “Wilma and Wellington have not only played a major role in Denver's future, but in my future. I am honored to have their endorsement and support as we fight to win this campaign. It is a privilege to stand here with my family, tested and ready to face our challenges, having won the full support of Wilma and Wellington Webb. As mayor, I will stand side-by-side with every resident and neighborhood as we work towards a better future together, because we are all Denver."

Michael Hancock’s opponent in the Denver mayoral race, James Mejia, received the endorsement of former Denver Mayor Federico Pena last week.

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