Friday, April 1, 2011

Chris Romer endorsed by the Denver Post

The Denver Post has endorsed Chris Romer for mayor in the upcoming Denver Municipal General Election.

In an online editorial published today, The Denver Post stated:

"We found Romer to be the best choice. The former state senator has a strong financial background — a valuable skill as Denver faces historic budget problems. He is also a dynamo of ideas, and since he has never served in city government, he brings the critical eye of an outsider to that bureaucracy. Romer is the one candidate who reminds us the most of John Hickenlooper."

Romer responded to the Posts endorsement with the following statement:

“Our campaign has been gaining strength and we are excited to see this momentum continue. The Denver Post is a major voice of the Denver community and the endorsement is truly humbling.

The Post’s endorsement is important and welcomed but we have a lot of work to do. We will continue reaching out to every neighborhood in Denver and making the case for this campaign and our vision for Denver’s future.”

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