Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Colorado Political News Brief – 4.20.2011

Health care exchange bill advances
A Colorado joint legislative committee easily advanced a controversial bill to create a state health care exchange Tuesday but surprisingly killed what had been a unanimously supported bill to study streamlining state regulations on businesses….. Read More

Will Sen. Williams case face a Texas Grand Jury?
A potential criminal case against state Sen. Suzanne Williams, stemming from an accident that took the life of a pregnant Texas mother, has yet to be presented to a Grand Jury in Texas….. Read More

Political arm of CO Springs Chamber targeted Douglas Bruce
The Housing and Building Association of Colorado Springs and the political arm of the Greater Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce were the major donors of a 527 political organization that worked to prevent Douglas Bruce and two allies from ending up on the City Council….. Read More

Edible chronic content labeling requirements
Mandatory labels on edible marijuana in Colorado have won preliminary approval in the state House.The bill requires "edibles" such as pot brownies or cannabis-infused lollipops to be packaged in childproof packages and carry labels warning that the products are not for children….. Read More

Tipton disappointed in Boehner budget dealings
Rep. Scott Tipton said House Republicans felt a great deal of "frustration" with Boehner over the agreement he negotiated with President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid….. Read More

Gessler files brief supporting Clear The Bench Colorado
Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler last week filed an amicus brief supporting the position of judicial-ouster group Clear The Bench Colorado, which was his client until late last year.....    Read More

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