Friday, April 29, 2011

Colorado Political News Brief – 4.29.2011

James Mejia isn’t Satan
Republican, Democrat and unaffiliated voters in Denver do have the opportunity to vote for a mayoral candidate whose experience, vision and commitment to Denver clearly qualify him as “exceptional.” …. Read More

Romer way ahead in raising money
If it comes down to money, Chris Romer is going to be pretty tough to keep out of one of the top two slots when ballots are finally counted on May 3….. Read More

Garcia secures money for teacher reviews
Lt. Gov. Joe Garcia is raising “tens of millions of dollars” to pay for a new teacher-evaluation system that will replace the current seniority system in public schools….. Read More

Redistricting map splits Larimer County between 2nd, 4th CD’s
Democrats on Thursday proposed a redistricting plan that would split Larimer County between two congressional districts. The eastern part of the county, including the population centers of Loveland and Fort Collins, would be in the 4th Congressional District. The more sparsely populated western part of the county would be in the 2nd Congressional District ….. Read More

Hickenlooper praises water agreement
Leaders from Grand, Summit and Eagle counties stood with representatives from Denver Water, the Colorado River District, the ski industry and other main stem Colorado River Basin water interests to announce a historic proposed agreement, the “Colorado River Cooperative Agreement.” ….. Read More

‘Homemade Jelly’ bill moves forward
Senate Bill 258 passed out of the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Thursday. The measure would allow non-perishable food such as jams and jellies to be sold at farmers markets and similar venues….. Read More

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