Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mejia praises Senate passage of ASSET Bill

Denver Mayoral Candidate James Mejia Tuesday reiterated his support of SB 126, the ASSET Bill which provides undocumented students access to higher education and called for quick passage of the bill by the Colorado State House of Representatives.

Last week the Colorado Senate passed, the Colorado ASSET bill that would allow undocumented high school graduates to attend Colorado’s colleges and universities while paying in-state tuition.

“This is a bold and courageous action and I applaud the Colorado Senate for the passage of the ASSET bill. Out of state tuition can triple the cost of a college education, making it out of reach for most high school graduates. We must have an educated workforce to rebuild our economy and move Denver forward”, said Mejia. “The passage of SB 126 is critical to our future economic success as a city. I encourage Denver’s delegation and all of Colorado’s Representatives to quickly pass this bill in the Colorado House”.

The ASSET bill would allow undocumented high school graduates to pay unsubsidized in-state tuition at Colorado’s colleges and universities. Upon graduation, the student will have twelve months to apply and be accepted at one of Colorado’s institutions of higher learning. The ASSET bill has broad public support from local government, the business community, seven Metro school districts and K-12 and higher education boards of trustees and organizations.

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