Friday, April 29, 2011

Senate Dems Kill Anti-Tax Increase Measure

Thursday Senate Republicans testified in favor of Senate Resolution 11-004 a measure calling on members of the General Assembly to oppose any tax increase before the State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee.
“The people of Colorado and the business community have said loud and clear, they do not want any more taxes,” said Senate Minority Leader Mike Kopp. “We need to honor their wishes and pass this resolution confirming our commitment to not raising taxes.”

Assistant Minority Leader Bill Cadman added, “We heard the concerns of Colorado citizens over the issue of taxation and we believe them. We are committed to protecting families and businesses from additional financial burdens.”

Democrat committee chairman Senator Rollie Heath has been a vocal advocate for raising taxes and a critic of Republican efforts to ease the tax burden in Colorado.

Senate Minority Whip Scott Renfroe added, “Governor Hickenlooper has repeatedly stated there is no appetite in Colorado for tax increases. We call on Senate Democrats to join the Governor in adopting this philosophy.”

The resolution died on a party-line vote with Democrat Senators Bacon and Boyd joining Heath in voting ‘no.’

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