Monday, May 2, 2011

Colorado Political News Brief – 5.2.2011

Colorado’s ‘Hire a Ho – Get Schooled’ bill
Last week a House Judiciary Committee backed a bill that would raise fines for soliciting a prostitute and use the additional funds to create so-called “john’s schools.” …. Read More

Is Richard Skorman behind the latest dirty politics in Colorado Springs?
A new political committee whose stated purpose is to “educate the voters of Colorado Springs regarding their mayoral candidates” came out swinging with a quarter-page ad in the Sunday paper….. Read More

Linkhart still laboring under the delusion he can win
Linkhart, who issued a release early Friday stating that a poll produced three weeks ago showing he was not in the top three candidates was inaccurate, said his name on the top of the ballot and considerable city-wide leadership experience would win him the election….. Read More

Denver changes policy on service Pit bulls
Denver has tenaciously defended its pit bull ban. Years of lawsuits, protests and bad press have done nothing to unmoor Denver's political leadership from their conviction that this particular breed of dog is far too dangerous to allow within city limits... until now. … Read More

Udall: ‘Death of bin Laden a major milestone’
Colorado Sen. Mark Udall, who serves on key Senate intelligence and armed forces committees, issued the following statement on Sunday night’s announcement by President Barack Obama that U.S. special forces killed 9/11 mastermind Osama Bin Laden….. Read More

New district would include Aspen, Boulder & Grand Junction
What kind of congressman or woman would it take to represent a district encompassing both Boulder and Grand Junction, with Aspen smack dab in the middle? …. Read More

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