Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Colorado Political News Brief – 5.3.2011

Fed warning causes pot law changes
The Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill Monday that would change rules for how pot can be cultivated and sold. Changes included reducing the number of plants that can be grown and laws banning felons from working in the industry. It also would allow testing of plants to determine dosages….. Read More

Adultery is one step closer to being legal
The Colorado Senate approved and sent to the House a measure repealing the crime of adultery. The bill also repeals the related crime of contributing to ``sexual immorality'' by providing a place for unmarried people to have sex….. Read More

Obama portrait hangs in the Capitol
Colorado Springs artist Sarah Boardman began painting President Barack Obama’s portrait on Nov. 8, but it wasn’t just for kicks. Rather, it was to hang on the third floor of the state Capitol rotunda, with portraits of the other 43 presidents. It’s a responsibility that Boardman took very seriously….. Read More

GOP takes another shot at immigration enforcement
People who conceal illegal immigrants would face criminal charges and employers who fail to show proof that their workers are in the country legally would be fined under a Republican proposal….. Read More

Are Colorado’s lawmakers selling votes for food?
Five years ago, Coloradans made it illegal for lawmakers to accept even a cup of coffee from a lobbyist, but now a lobbying firm's billing records show $1,700 worth of meetings and meals with 16 lawmakers over a two-year period….. Read  More

Turnout key in Denver’s municipal election
At this point, who'll make that runoff is still up in the air: The only thing that's certain is that the two top vote-getters in the mayor's race will be the two people who convince the most voters to drop off their ballots in this all-mail election. Denver has just under 300,000 registered voters, and about 225,000 of those are considered active -- but that doesn't mean they've been active in this election, where the turnout thus far has been very light….. Read More

Senate keeps business personal property tax
A Colorado state Senate committee killed a bill Monday that would have created a two-year timeout on the business personal property tax, saying that its costs to local government revenues outweighed any potential sales-tax revenue increase….. Read More

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