Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Statesman ‘InnerView’ with Ken Buck

Buck sat for an interview at the office of The Colorado Statesman on June 16. Below is the transcript of the conversation with Buck.

Colorado Statesman (CS): How are things going for you? Are you making the rounds, doing a lot of traveling?Ken Buck (KB): A lot of traveling. We’ve been in the Front Range most recently, but in the past we’ve been going around a lot.

CS: Are you going to a lot of events where you see your primary opponent?KB: No.

CS: Early in the campaign, back when there were a lot of folks running, you did do plenty of forums —KB: We did, we’ve done 15 forums, and Jane has attended 10 — or five of those 15…. Her dad passed away during that time too, so there was some conflict there. Read More -

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