Thursday, July 1, 2010

Colorado’s new laws address everything from traffic backups to Peeping Toms

A slew of new state laws take effect today, affecting everything from benefits for elderly legal immigrants to late fees for folks who register boat trailers.

The law also would bar state Department of Transportation officials from setting a speed limit for trucks that is more than 25 mph lower than the regular speed limit. In some stretches of I-70, the speed limit for trucks is as much as 30 mph lower than the regular limit.

Senate Bill 128 will crack down on high-tech Peeping Toms starting today. The measure comes in response to a case in which a man was using a live video feed to spy on a family in a hotel room.

The new law will define as an "invasion of privacy for sexual gratification" the use of live video feeds where a person on camera is naked and has not consented to being photographed. Read More

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