Monday, July 12, 2010

Peter Blake: How to stick your neighbors with your appliance costs... before they stick you with theirs

Cutting your electric bill by purchasing a more energy-efficient appliance no longer need be its own reward. You can beggar thy neighbor by getting him to help pay for it.

But better move fast. These offers from Xcel Energy can’t last forever.

You’ve probably seen the promotional flyers, if you still get billed by mail. Or seen the television ads sponsored by, an Xcel Web site. Perhaps Xcel hopes the deals will partly offset the negative publicity generated by the much higher electrical rate it is charging this summer if you use more than 500 kwh per month.

One promotion involves the “saver’s switch,” which cycles your A/C unit on and off for 20-minute intervals during summer’s hottest days. “It’s like we connected your air conditioner to your conscience,” is the slogan. (This summer, you’re supposed to feel guilty if you stay cool.)  – More -

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