Tuesday, July 13, 2010

SD 6 GOP primary: Libertarian- Republican Roberts vs. self-declared 'genuine conservative' Boehler

A ranching community, Ridgway is known as the “Gateway to the San Juans” and the film location for several western classics including “True Grit”. More recently, the town was the site of a duel between a lawmaker and a former lawman — state Rep. Ellen Roberts and Dean Boehler — gunning for the GOP nomination in state Senate District 6.

Neither candidate’s campaign was left for dead at the Republican Party’s district assembly on April 17, but Roberts might have suffered a flesh wound when Boehler seized top line on the primary ballot. Of the 110 delegate votes, Boehler won 66.4 percent and Roberts garnered 33.6 percent.

“I’m a guy who got fed up, stood up and I’m not going to shut up,” declared Boehler, who filed his candidacy affidavit 10 days before the party assembly.

Roberts, of Durango, admitted that she was surprised when Boehler, of Norwood, emerged as an SD 6 candidate.   More -

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