Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Statesman ‘InnerView’ with Andrew Romanoff

Andrew Romanoff and his Campaign spokesman Roy Teicher visited the offices of The Colorado Statesman. Below is the transcript of the conversation.

CS: Working?

AR: Working hard.

CS: This is the time —

AR: I agree. Last night we had a cookout in Commerce City and then a candidate forum in Central City — within an hour of each other, which is exactly what you need to get from Commerce City to Central City.

CS: Are people talking politics more? Do most people know there’s a primary in five, six weeks, or is it still summer?

AR: You know, it depends. There’s a group of folks who vote in every primary every year, they’re engaged. A lot of folks, the kids just got out from school, there’s picnics, there’s barbecues, there’s Fourth of July coming up. Most folks have other things to do (laughs). But because the ballots go out on July 19, the timetable’s accelerated.

CS: It’s like real summer when people will be voting versus the end of — ?

AR: I do, and I think it’s a crazy system. I mean, we picked just about the worst time to hold a primary, unless our goal were to depress turnout as much as possible, in which case we’ve probably picked the right time.  More

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