Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The American Spectator – Civics Lesson 2010

When Colorado Republican Senate candidate Ken Buck briefly (and temporarily) suggested support for allowing state legislatures rather than the public to select U.S. senators, he stuck his well-known bovine digestive refuse-covered boots into the messy civics lesson that is the 2010 election.

For the first time during my 25 years of following politics, people who have the poor taste to bring up (in public!) the Founders, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, natural rights, and basic precepts of good government are no longer automatically judged to be wacko fringe extremists and likely members of "militias," nor automatically tagged with the perennial establishment insult of "libertarian" -- being called which has always been my own version of Br'er Rabbit being thrown into the briar patch.     More -

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