Friday, September 24, 2010

Buck asks Bennet to pledge not to raise taxes during the lame-duck session

GOP Senate candidate Ken Buck called on Colorado Senator Michael Bennet to pledge to vote against tax hikes in a post-election session of Congress. Buck sought reassurance from the Appointed Senator after a late-night announcement by Senator Harry Reid on Thursday that opens the door to tax hikes during the lame-duck session.

“Senator Bennet must come clean about whether he will support tax hikes in a lame-duck session of Congress,” said Buck. “I call on Bennet to pledge he will not follow any plans by Senate Democrats to raise taxes after the election on Nov. 2.”

Buck continued: "I call on Senator Bennet to pledge not to support cap-and-trade, spending bills that increase discretionary spending, or Card Check in the lame-duck session. Elections have consequences. Sen. Bennet needs to honor the will of the American people if they rebuke the spend-and-regulate Democratic agenda. He can tax, spend, and regulate to his heart's desire if he and his Democratic friends come back to Congress in January. But Americans have had enough of being ignored. It's the Senator's responsibility to tell Coloradans whether he will move this big government agenda in a lame duck."

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  1. What a wonderful opportunity to pass card check and the dream act, and to repeal don't ask don't tell and the bush tax cuts for the wealthy.