Friday, September 24, 2010

Term 'Fertilized Egg' Compared To The N-Word

Opponents of Amendment 62 held a rally in Colorado Springs, Thursday, to speak out against a measure they feel aims to overturn Roe v. Wade. Proponents of the measure went out to make sure their voices were heard too.

Amendment 62 seeks to amend Colorado’s constitution and ban abortion and emergency contraception. It’s a measure that both sides describe very differently.

“Amendment 62 gives the rights of a person to every human being, no matter their age, their race, their sex,” said Keith Mason, the President for Personhood U.S.A. “So basically it says that all humans are persons.”

“What Amendment 62 is doing is giving constitutional and legal rights to a woman's fertilized egg, and by doing so, not only are you creating far reaching consequences for families in the state of Colorado, you are also impacting literally thousands of laws,” said Fofi Mendez, the Campaign Director for No On 62.

“It is inviting politicians, courts and lawyers into our personal private decisions, like when we use family planning,” said Mendez. “If we're raped, if we choose to have an abortion that's the impact that this amendment has.”         - More -

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