Saturday, September 11, 2010

Colorado’s “Ugly 3” popular with voters

Polling by opponents of Amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101 shows a strong level of support for the anti-government initiatives, according to John Lay of Coloradans for Responsible Reform, which is working to defeat the measures.

“Chances are very good that two out of the three of these will pass,” Lay told a group of managers of local health and human services organizations this week in El Jebel. “And I just want everybody to hear that.”

Lay said his organization recently spent $250,000 on polling for the ballot questions. The polling found that voter sentiment toward Amendment 61, which would sharply curtail borrowing by local governments, is “running 57 positive.”

Amendment 60, which cuts property taxes in a variety of ways, especially for school districts, is seen as a positive measure by 50 percent of those polled, Lay said.

Proposition 101, which cuts vehicle registration and telecommunication fees, has the support of about 48 percent of those polled.     More -


  1. These will be a great way to slit the throat of Colorado. We want government on a diet, yet it will bleed out before the diet takes effect.

  2. Thet said Colorado was going to fall apart when they were trying to pass tabor. Colorado is still here and we were doing well with it untill they started screwing with it.

    60, 61 and 101 would not hurt but help the state of Colorado.

  3. Of course the "Ugly 3" are popular with the voters. The only folks who oppose them are those who advocate and champion unlimited government growth, AT ANY COST. The next step those voters should take it to sweep the opponents of these measures out of the Colorado GOP and out of elected offices.

    -Jahfre Fire Eater

  4. Jahfre posts lies and myths. many many conservatives who have the intelligence to forsee the effect these bills will have on smaller districts, public safety and other CRITICAL parts of public service are against this. these are not champions of unlimited growth.. these are folks who value the safety and security of their communities.

    Dont be browbeaten by namecallers who wish to label you something your not, if you support unwise and poorly written legislature. bottom line is, stupid is stupid, regardless of which party supports it.

    support your politicians with the wisdom to vote against poorly written legislation that can only harm Colorado.

  5. Judge political participants only their actions.

    If they oppose limits on immoral funding they obviously prefer the unlimited government growth through immoral funding.

    The only thing to really be wary of are the self-applied labels these opponents of limited government hide behind. The words lie, the actions do not.

    Do your own research, don't believe the sky is falling if you can read. Don't buy the slogans from me or from the courageous Mr. anonymous. I prefer everyone make their choices based on knowledge and facts rather than political manipulation by big spenders and deep pockets.

    -Jahfre Fire Eater

  6. Anon.... you sound like a career democrat. Additionally you have it wrong, completely WRONG. These bills curb the gluttenous spending we have experienced under Ritter. Whenever politicians want to pass some pork, it is always billed as "for the kids/schools/cops" yet only a small portion actually goes to it. Accountability is KEY. The idea of the govt having a free hand to impose "fees" (taxes) on things like cars and housing (required to live/do business) without public oversight is not only irresponsible but downright dangerous.

    To piggyback on Jahfires comment, an excellent source for research is