Monday, September 13, 2010

Curry, Korkowski and Wilson meet in Grand Junction debate

The three candidates for House District 61 met at the Club 20 debates Saturday.

The only race to have three major contenders — a Republican, a Democrat and an unaffiliated incumbent — crowded the stage at Two Rivers Convention Center, answering questions from water to jobs to the state’s budget woes.

Rep. Kathleen Currysaid she became an independent because she no longer agreed with the direction her old party was heading.

Democrat Roger Wilson said he entered the race because he had reached a stage in his life where it was time to offer his experience to his neighbors.

And Republican Luke Korkowski said he hasn’t much cared for the direction state leaders have led Colorado, and he wants to do something about it.

The three answered questions about water use, what priorities the Legislature should have on how it budgets, and whether it was wise to pass a bill to help convert coal-fired power plants on the Front Range to burn natural gas instead. The district includes large coal mines and areas with natural gas wells.   - More -

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