Monday, September 13, 2010

Scott Tipton: “Salazar is leading the USA into European-style socialism”

The rematch between incumbent U.S. Rep John Salazar, D-Colo., and Republican businessman Scott Tipton turned scrappy and ill-tempered early on in their first debate Saturday night.

“John Salazar, it’s time to come home,” Tipton said as he opened the debate. “It’s 9/11. Let’s roll.”

Salazar is part of a Democratic majority leading the United States into “European-style socialism,” Tipton said.

Both candidates said they supported the coal industry and called for clean-coal technology.

While Salazar painted himself as a leader against cap-and-trade legislation, Tipton said Salazar failed to announce his position until late in the debate and “played chicken with the voters of your district.”   - More -

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  1. The Obama administration did indeed ‘inherit’ a budget deficit from the DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED HOUSE AND SENATE which included votes from sallyzar and obammer that created the overspending that created the deficit.

    The current administration created the problem while still in congress.

    Sallazar expects everybody to be stupid enough to believe the crap he tosses out. Is that why he keeps voting to lower the educational expectations?