Monday, September 13, 2010

Maes and Denver Mayor Hickenlooper have lively debate

Although supporters for Democrat John Hickenlooper and Republican Dan Maes got rowdy at times, both candidates agreed they had a lively debate Saturday at the Club 20 Fall Meeting at Two Rivers Conference Center.

From immigration to jobs to the appropriate size of state government, the two men outlined what was different between them, and what they agreed on.

While they agreed Colorado needs to protect its water and the farms that use it, both generated loud crowd response on their views over whether the state should mirror a controversial Arizona law on illegal immigration.

The two also talked about the state’s dwindling revenues and increasing mandates on spending.

While Hickenlooper said the state might be able to sell an increase in revenues if it can show an ability to cut spending, Maes said the state’s been too generous in spending, particularly for health care.

Maes drew hisses from some in the audience, however, when he suggested women are having babies intentionally just to stay on Medicaid.     More -

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