Monday, September 13, 2010

City of Centennial to investigate accused ‘yard sign’ bandit

The Centennial city council has decided to move forward with a formal investigation into alleged ethics violations of Councilmember Sue Bosier.

Bosier is accused of improperly removing political yard signs, lying to police and taking part in “improper partisan conduct.”

The City of Centennial has contracted with an attorney from the Denver law firm of Norton, Smith and Keene to conduct the investigation.

The resolution to conduct the formal investigation passed 7-1 with only Councilmember, Rebecca McClellan, opposing it. Bosier abstained from the vote.

Prior to the vote, Councilmember Bosier read an apology to the council. “I sincerely apologize for any embarrassment this incident has caused the mayor, the council and the city staff. It was a poor decision on my part, and one I will not repeat.”

When asked to comment about the ‘Bosier' affair, Centennial Mayor Cathy Noon said that a city level investigation would bring needed closure to a matter that some say has distracted the council from more pressing city issues.

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