Friday, September 10, 2010

Democrat Kevin Bradley loosing hope in the 5th Congressional District

Congressional hopeful Kevin Bradley says he isn't hopeful that he'll make big inroads in Teller County.

Bradley lost hope when he went to Woodland Park this week to scope out his competition, two-term incumbent Republican U.S.. Rep Doug Lamborn who held a town hall there.

Bradley, a Fremont County bookseller and unabashed liberal, said he sat silently through a long question-and-answer session between Lamborn and his constituents. He learned that his message isn't right for that crowd. Even Lamborn, he said, may be too leftist for the conservatives on the far side of Pikes Peak.

"Judging from the crowd, he was the most moderate in the room," Bradley said of his opponent.

Bradley and Lamborn are running low-profile campaigns.

Lamborn has held a few gatherings in outlying areas of the district while Bradley has twice been spotted hanging out at events for incumbent Democratic U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet.

While Bradley has been there to support the Democratic hold on the Senate seat, Bennet hasn't done much to support his ally.

At both Bennet events that Bradley has attended in Colorado Springs, the senator has failed to introduced him to the crowd.  - More -

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