Friday, September 10, 2010

Maes: “We don't need that kind of thinking in rural Colorado."

Dan Maes seems to be changing his thinking a little bit about the red menace - make that the red bicycle menace - posed by Denver's bike-sharing pedalers.

It's not so much the threat of United Nations domination that worries Maes now. Instead, the Colorado Republican candidate for governor told a crowd in Glenwood Springs on Tuesday night, it's those creeping green ideas escaping from citified places like Denver and infiltrating the rural hinterland.

"Boy, there's another lesson learned right there. Don't talk about the mayor's red bike program," Maes quipped. "As warm and fuzzy as this appears to us, folks, there's a lot of new green ideas coming into our communities, and on the surface they all look wonderful."

"This is all, you know, part of a larger program that might fit good for downtown Denver, and honestly it might be great for downtown Denver," said Maes, who had previously blasted the city's bike-sharing program as the shadow of creeping United Nations control over our cities and towns. "But it may not be good for Glenwood Springs or the Western Slope and we don't need that kind of thinking in rural Colorado."    - More -

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