Saturday, September 11, 2010

ProgressNow Colorado and the Bell Policy Center release video: ‘The Bad Three: In Plain English’

The Bell Policy Center and ProgressNow Colorado have teamed up to produce an online ad that warns against amendments 60 and 61 and proposition 101.


  1. Oh... what a pile of Sh*t! Both the The Bell Center and ProgressNow are both progressive groups who want a big government that feeds on the tax payer.

    Stop feeding the monster that is big govt. and it will start to shrink... and that's exactly what the progressives are afraid of.

  2. You are absolutely right to the earlier poster!! The Bell center & ProgressNow are liberal, progressive groups who have been telling lies all over the state about these 3 measures.

    Educate yourselves people!! These 3 measures are for us! We have to rein in govt or we are all going to be without jobs/homes/schools/etc.!!

    Dig deep....all the lies about schools being hurt are not true and the figures they use are inflated! Also, the Blue Book has been accused of being biased so be careful. They are doing a lot of work/$ to try to get people to vote no and there is a reason.

    Check out EVERYTHING on cotaxreforms dot com and be sure to click on 'opposition funding' to see the Foreign companies and teachers unions (over $1 Million) behind the opposition!!!

    Get the word out b/c there are 2 sides to this story and its not easy to see the reasons for 'yes' b/c its just a grassroots group (not big govt funders)!!