Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tancredo campaign: Maes' candidacy is falling "like a rock."

Tom Tancredo, the American Constitution Party candidate for governor, led Dan Maes in fundraising in August with $200,485 compared to Maes’ $50,201.

"He's not considered a viable candidate," Tancredo's campaign Manager Bay Buchanan said about Maes. "He can't raise money and he can't keep endorsements," she said, adding that Maes' candidacy is falling "like a rock."

"It's totally Maes' fault. It's his own doing," she said.

Buchanan said Tancredo is in the race is to give conservatives disenchanted with Maes an option. Prominent Republicans, including former Sen. Hank Brown and Senate candidate Ken Buck rescinded their endorsement of Maes, and several tea party leaders also abandoned him. The Denver Post reported Wednesday that current and former Colorado Republicans, including former Congressman Bob Beauprez, have decided to support Tancredo.

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