Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New polls paint conflicting pictures of governor's race

Two new polls released Tuesday show the Colorado governor's race to be a two-man contest, but it's unlclear just how close the top two contenders really are.

In a new survey from Fox News, Democrat John Hickenlooper leads Tom Tancredo, the long-time Republican now running as an American Constitution Party candidate, by a 45-40 margin.

That essentially corroborates last week's Rasmusssen poll showing Tancredo within four points of the Denver Mayor, who led by a margin of 42-38 in that poll.

But another poll out Tuesday, from Reuters/Ipsos, shows Hickenlooper holding an 11 point lead. In that survey, Hickenlooper attracts 46 percent support, while Tancredo only gets 35 percent.  - More -

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  1. All close elections go to Democrats. They are experts a stealing close elections. They will bring in the Chicago election stealing machine and get it done. It is a sad state of affairs that we have in the USA. Tom is the only candidate in the USA who looks at the world though the eyes of an adult. Everyone else lives in the child like world of political correctness.