Monday, November 8, 2010

GOP to make reinstating tax incentives a priority

Republicans, who now control the state House, are making reinstating tax breaks and incentives eliminated by Democrats this year a priority.

Newly appointed Republican JBC member, Rep.-elect Jon J. Becker of Fort Morgan, acknowledged on Friday that the question is how to roll back the tax cuts and incentives while also balancing the budget in a bipartisan manner.

Each side of the aisle will have an equal say on the JBC, with the committee now becoming a 3-3 equal membership.

The question is how the committee is going to be able to agree on reinstating those tax breaks if other general fund cuts are necessary? Education, including K-12 and higher education, which has already taken a 6-percent across-the-board cut and is estimated to be $92 million short of what is needed to cover inflation and enrollment increases, and another $365 million short of full funding, is the likely target again.    More -

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