Monday, November 8, 2010

Colorado Springs and the strong mayor system

Colorado Springs voters spoke loudly on Election Day, giving a hefty majority to the strong-mayor proposal.

Colorado Springs is past the time of opposing it. Now it’s time to make it work, and there a few more questions than answers about the implications of the measure.

That’s only natural. This is a big change for the city and it’s reasonable to expect that not every single detail will be wrapped up in a neat package by April, when Colorado Springs will elect their first strong mayor.

It’s realistic to see this as a system that will evolve over time, maybe several years.

Kevin Walker, spokesman for Citizens for Accountable Leadership, the group that pushed the proposal, agrees there will be a settling-out process.

“When we talked to the mayor of San Diego, he said it took them a little while to figure out how everything works,” Walker said.     More -

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