Monday, November 8, 2010

Judge orders inspection of “under votes” in Rep. Kathleen Curry’s race

State Rep. Kathleen Curry’s write-in re-election campaign, in House District 61, won’t be decided until Nov. 26.

That's when ballots will be certified in the three-way race.

After the election Tuesday, she had 9,001 votes to trail Democrat Roger Wilson by 495. Republican Luke Korkowski had 8,892 votes.

Curry is the incumbent representative but ran as a write-in candidate after switching her party affiliation from Democrat to independent.

On Friday, a district court judge in Denver ordered inspections of more than 2,000 ballots considered “under votes” because voters left boxes for the district race blank.

In some cases, a voter may not have chosen a candidate in that particular race. In other cases, a voter may have written in Curry’s name without marking the box to do so.

Judge John W. Madden on Friday ordered the Colorado secretary of state’s office to look for “under vote” ballots where people wrote in Curry’s name but forgot to mark a box to do so, and to add those votes to Curry’s total.

“It is possible Curry may have received the greatest number of votes in the HD 61 race,” Madden ruled. “Refusing to count these votes would thwart the clear intention of the electorate, as well as the intent of the election code.”     - More -

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