Monday, December 6, 2010

Colorado Political News Brief – 12.6.2010

Is Old St. Nick anti-coal?
A young-looking Father Christmas working for Environment Colorado put a coal industry association on his naughty list – literally… Read More

City leaders consider moving Erie's historic Town Hall.
That's a question leaders in Erie are pondering as the rapidly growing town on the Boulder and Weld county line deals with the prospect that it may one day outgrow its Town Hall, a 2,700-square-foot historic building in Old Town that dates back to 1906… Read More

Will the GOP be repealing vehicle-registration fees?
Speaker Frank McNulty: "As far as straight-out repeals of what the Democrats have done, unless we get our friends in the Senate and the governor to sign off on it," it won't happen.” … Read More

Gov. Ritter lost his sense of balance.
With only weeks left in office, Colorado’s governor Ritter sat down at the Broadmoor Hotel for a Rare and Revealing Interview… Read More

Is Rep. Lamborn a former earmark junkie?
According to records posted at Citizens for Government Waste’s “Pig Book” website, Congressman Doug Lamborn has been earmark crazy since he arrived in Washington in 2007… Read More

State legislature to consider how much bud in the blood is illegal.
Boulder Democrat Rep. Claire Levy plans to sponsor a measure that sets the threshold for THC in the bloodstream at 5 nanograms per milliliter of blood… Read More

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