Thursday, December 9, 2010

Colorado Political News Brief – 12.9.2010

Sen. Udall: “Tax deal makes no sense”
U.S. Sen. Mark Udall is criticizing the deal on extending tax breaks, saying it makes no sense to continue tax breaks for the wealthy when the country's debt is "out of control." … Read More

Was the Dan Maes campaign just a money making venture?
Unlike his opponents, who apparently thought running a political campaign was about winning elected office, Maes clearly realized that running a political campaign was a great way to pay yourself over $90,000… Read More

Longmont City Council expresses opinion on the DREAM Act.
The DREAM Act was debated at Tuesday’s City Council meeting, but failed to win support… Read More

Colorado gets a bad grade for disclosing tax subsidies.
Colorado provides tens of millions of dollars in tax subsidies each year, but produces minimal information for taxpayers about who receives the support… Read More

Gov.-elect Hickenlooper picks new Denver leaders.
The way that Gov.-elect Hickenlooper was raiding his Denver staff to fill out his top posts in the state Capitol, many asked which staffers were staying behind to lead the day-to-day operations of the city… Read More
Limiting Supreme Court justices’ to two-year terms.
A proposed ballot measure filed Wednesday would change the current term of office for Colorado Supreme Court judges from 10 years to two years … Read More
Betsy Markey votes ‘no’ on payment for seniors.
Rep Betsy Markey and 11 other Democrats on Wednesday thwarted an effort to award $250 checks to Social Security recipients facing a second consecutive year without a cost-of-living increase… Read More

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