Monday, December 13, 2010

Tom Tancredo - The dead end of identity politics

Luis Gutierrez is a congressman from Illinois, chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and a man with a mission. He is threatening to bolt the Democratic Party and form a new Latino-based "tequila party" if Congress does not pass the so-called "Dream Act," which will grant amnesty and a path to citizenship for an estimated 2 million illegal aliens.

Is Gutierrez serious or merely trying to corral votes for the Dream Act? Whatever his plans, obviously the threat must be seen as serious by fellow Democrats if it is to succeed in changing votes. We have arrived at the logical end of identity politics when the leader of a congressional ethnic caucus can say, "Give us what we demand or we will form our own political party."

Republicans will be tempted to reply, "Make my day!" But clearly, that is not going to happen, because Gutierrez is bluffing. He will certainly engage in some histrionics if the "Dream Act" is not enacted, but he is not leaving the Democratic Party. That party is the natural home of identity politics, and those groups are not so foolish as to abandon that ship. If each ethnic group and racial minority established its own political party, they would diminish their influence, so it's not going to happen. More

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