Monday, December 13, 2010

Colorado Political News Brief – 12.13.2010

Polis on pot: legalize it - regulate it – tax it.
he only way to keep marijuana from growing in national parks is to legalize it and regulate production for consumer use… Read More

Scanlan’s replacement named.
A vacancy committee Sunday, picked Summit County’s school superintendent to replace Rep. Christine Scanlan in the state House... Read More

Colorado Springs Vice Mayor and Councilwoman vying for gay award.
Vice Mayor Larry Small and Councilwoman Jan Martin are going head to head for the title of Government Official of the Year from the Pikes Peak Gay and Lesbian Community Center… Read More

$2.9 million spent on state legislative races.
Republican and Democratic candidates spent $2.9 million this year on the top 15 races for Colorado`s Legislature -- and outside groups spent up to 10 times that amount under new campaign finance laws, candidates estimate… Read More

Joint Budget Committee - tough choices loom for Colorado.
Colorado faces tough budget choices not only for the fiscal year 2011-12 budget cycle, but for several years to come, and the most difficult budget decisions may revolve around finding funding for higher education, the most veteran member of Colorado’s Joint Budget Committee said… Read More

Gale Norton cleared of conflict of interest.
The Justice Department has closed an ethics probe of former Interior Secretary Gale Norton. The two-year investigation failed to prove any conflict of interest… Read More

Hickenlooper OK with tax deal.
“I understand why the President’s compromise on extending the Bush tax cuts is controversial and imperfect, particularly with regard to deficit reduction” … Read More

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