Monday, January 10, 2011

Colorado Political News Brief – 1.10.2011

NYT on Hick.
To appreciate what a peculiar political script John Hickenlooper has written for himself, you could start in any number of places, with any number of situations….. Read More

Rep. Vaad ato change emissions program.
The first bill Glenn Vaad plans to introduce when the Colorado General Assembly returns to work would remove the most populous parts of Weld and Larimer counties from a controversial vehicle emissions program aimed at helping the state meet federal air-quality standards.....  Read More

General Assembly – deficit & redistricting top agenda.
Lawmakers will wrestle with a massive state budget deficit, the partisan process of redistricting and countless other issues when the General Assembly convenes Wednesday in Denver.....  Read More

Shaffer wants to end easy changes to state constitution.
The state senate's president says he's tired of Colorado being a test lab for proposed constitutional amendments pushed by special interest groups around the country, and he wants to raise the bar..... Read More

Mayoral candidate Romer championing the Cupcake cause.
You’ve no doubt heard that the Denver Cupcake Trucks, have gone dormant -- at least for the month of January, all because of a kerfuffle between the owners and Denver's Planning and Zoning Department….. Read More

State Rep. Claire Levy – not so wholesome.
Republicans were talking about how with their party in charge of the state House for the next two years being a vegan is out..... Read More

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