Friday, January 7, 2011

Rep. Coffman on the House GOP Plan to Cut Congressional Budgets

Thursday, Congressman Mike Coffman, R-CO- CD6, released the following statement after voting in favor of House Resolution 22, a proposal reducing all Congressional office budgets by five percent:

“This is a good first step to rein in government spending that has done nothing to spur economic growth in the last two years. This whole government spending spree has not put Americans back to work.”

For 20 straight months the unemployment rate has hovered near 10 percent, and 15 million Americans are currently out of work.

“It is only fair that those of us working here on Capitol Hill experience what millions of Americans have been going through for the last two years,” Coffman said. “Government workers should not be immune to the economic downturn, particularly when the American taxpayer is footing the bill.”

Last year Coffman introduced legislation that would have called for a two week furlough in 2011, a commiserate cut to member expenses, and reduced salaries of members of Congress by 10 percent, saving taxpayers more than $5.5 billion. Coffman intends to introduce a similar measure this year.

The plan passed today is expected to save $35 million in 2011 alone. The five percent cut applies to all leadership offices, committees, and Members' staff budgets.

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