Monday, January 24, 2011

Colorado Political News Brief – 1.24.2011

No-Felons Bill back for 2011.
A bill introduced in the House Friday would require school districts to fire non-licensed employees with certain felony criminal convictions and also require the firing in some cases of teachers and other licensed personnel for drug felonies….. Read More

Minority Leader Sal Pace – “we don’t even know who is receiving State money.”
House Minority Leader Sal Pace expected reams of information in a report from the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and International Trade on how $2 billion in business incentives have affected the creation of jobs in Colorado…Instead, he got four pages….. Read More

What’s being said about SoS Gessler’s plan to moonlight.
Scott Gessler’s plan to work at a second job while serving as Colorado secretary of state, which was first reported Friday in the Denver Business Journal, has sparked both criticism and support from across the state….. Read More

Why unions fear school reform.
The indignation was feverish. Teacher union partisans trembled. Elaine Berman, a State Board of Education member from Denver, boycotted. Mary Johnson, an education consultant from Colorado Springs, raged. "A person known for nearly total lack of support for public education" was "bamboozling" Coloradans….. Read More

Sentencing reform Bill introduced.
If Rep. B.J. Nikkel has her way, any legislation that criminalizes an act or changes how an existing crime is treated would be accompanied by a review of similar crimes to ensure that sentencing is consistent and appropriate….. Read More

Hudak says no to Quality Education and Budget Reduction Act.
Colorado state Sen. Evie Hudak, D-Westminster, said that she opposes a Republican bill that would provide a tax credit to individuals paying for children to leave public schools and enter into a private education. She said Colorado cannot afford to support its own schools, let alone those of private businesses….. Read More

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