Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Colorado Political News Brief – 1.25.2011

McNulty’s Budget Reality.
Speaker Frank McNulty says that legislative economists have offered too rosy of economic forecasts in previous years, resulting in the governor having to make last-minute cuts to balance the budget….. Read More

CU - will we get more if we fund less?
If lawmakers want to get more bang for the taxpayers’ bucks out of the University of Colorado, they should cut the amount of state spending on the university system….. Read More

Secretary of State Gessler vows to disclose clients.
Secretary of State Scott Gessler said Monday he'll reveal who his legal clients are if he ends up moonlighting for his old law firm while working in his new elected position….. Read More

Lawmakers decline to ban Mexican-style rodeo events.
A Colorado House committee voted Monday not to ban steer-tailing and horse-tripping. Both events are sometimes performed in Mexican-style rodeos called charreadas….. Read More

Two charter amendments likely on April ballot in Colorado Springs.
Colorado Springs voters are likely to be asked to decide in April whether they want more district representatives on a future City Council….. Read More

Legislators target stealth ballot campaigns.
House Bill 1072 would require the official sponsors of a ballot question to file affidavits and show up for the hearings to put their questions on the ballot. They also have to say within 10 days who paid to circulate petitions – something the two groups in 2010 never did….. Read More

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