Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Concerns expressed over Ellen Golombek recommendation

Monday, two veteran members of the Senate Republican caucus expressed concern over the favorable recommendation of Ellen Golombek. Senators Harvey and Mitchell voted against recommending Ms. Golombek’s confirmation to the entire Senate because they felt she made no attempt to substantiate her qualifications to adequately perform as Director of the Department of Labor and Employment.

“It seems Ms. Golombek and the Administration had no intention of putting any effort in to answering our members’ questions,” said Senator Ted Harvey, R-Highlands Ranch. “This appears to be an attempt to stonewall the people of Colorado by not giving them any insight into Ms. Golombek’s philosophies or plans for the department.”

On Friday, January 21, Senate Republicans sent Ms. Gololmbek questions for today’s confirmation hearing in order to get a better understanding of her beliefs and philosophies.

“We hoped that Ms. Golombek would have been more forthcoming with information since we gave her an advanced copy of our questions. The citizens of Colorado deserve an open and transparent confirmation process,” concluded Harvey.

“Ms. Golombek pledges to put her past associations behind her and promote growth and job friendly policies,” said Senator Shawn Mitchell, R-Broomfield. “But her strong ties to labor and progressive groups are troubling. It's a very strange selection by a governor who campaigned on growing Colorado's economy."

Ellen Golombek was given a favorable recommendation by the Senate Business Affairs Labor & Technology Committee today by a 5 – 2 vote.

Via – Colorado Senate News      Video via - WhoSaidYouSaid.com

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