Friday, January 7, 2011

This Hick’s for you

Today, Wynkoop Brewing Company will release Hickenlooper’s Inaugurale. The new beer commemorates their beloved founder, John Hickenlooper, who will be sworn in as Governor of Colorado on January 11.

Hickenlooper’s Inaugurale is a cross between a hearty brown ale and a winter warmer. Neither too malty nor too hoppy, the beer is a reach-across-the-aisle creation perfect for the current political climate in Colorado and the US. It is about 6.8 % ABV.

Hickenlooper’s Inaugurale is made with all Colorado-grown base malts and a wealth of specialty grains. The beer gets extra heft and complexity from an addition of Colorado beet sugar.

Commemorative Hickenlooper’s Inaugurale glasses and T-shirts will be available for sale at Wynkoop Brewing starting today.

Wynkoop Brewing will be serving the beer at the Inaugural dinner at the Fillmore on the evening of Jan 11.

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