Monday, February 28, 2011

Colorado Political News Brief – 2.28.2011

Weld County remains debt-free
While no government agency has escaped the last few years without major budget cutting, the Weld County government has done so and still managed to sock away millions in preparation for the future….. Read More

Colorado is the 8th most liberal state
According to the results of a new Gallup poll, Colorado is the 8th most liberal state in the nation….. Read More

Colorado’s economic future is bleak at best
Using an optimistic economic projection, an assessment by the nonpartisan Center for Colorado’s Economic Future at the University of Denver proclaimed Colorado’s budgetary woes would be long lasting in spite of upturns in the economy unless structural fixes are made….. Read More

Loveland pot dispensaries shut down
Last November, when Loveland voters were asked for a decision on whether dispensaries and commercial-scale growing operations should remain in business, they answered with a big “no,” and set a March 1 deadline for business owners to shut down….. Read More

Denver City Council to vote on pay raises
Denver City employees are having to take furlough days, so will Denver City Council vote to raise the next sitting council and other elected city officials raises, at tonight’s meeting? ....  Read More

Colorado's a lot different than Wisconsin
Could Wisconsin happen here? Hardly, experts on both sides say. But union members and their opponents are finding plenty to clash over this year in the state Legislature….. Read More

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